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Insulation Removal

We specialise in the removal and disposal of loose fill ceiling insulation such as Insulfluff, cellulose, polystyrene bead, fibreglass segments etcetera.

Old loose fill insulation can present a fire hazard in some situations, is prone to absorbing and retaining moisture, is often treated with chemicals which are bad for your health and can harbour vermin. If you are considering installing modern insulation into your home, it is worth considering removal of the old insulfluff first. We have had professional vacuum machinery developed and purpose built for extraction of loose fill, and we have a reputation for delivering a top rate service, leaving a clean roof space after extraction.

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Loosefill insulation can present a file hazard (particularly if you have downlights). There can also be health issues.
We use a custom-made system developed specially for us to ensure that your roofspace is left as clean as possibloe.
We safely dispose of all extracted material.

Methamphetamine Decontamination

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Your property will need to be tested.
We follow best practice procedures.
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The Fluffbusters Team

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Frank Vogels

Branch Manager

Based at Auckland branch, Frank manages
upper North Island Fluffbusters operations

Eric Mailau

Branch Manager

Based at Wellington branch, Eric manages
lower North Island Fluffbusters operations